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How much do Career Transition and Outplacement solutions cost?

Providing a Career Transition and Outplacement service can prove to be an invaluable benefit for employees who have been release. This service allows them to explore opportunities in the job market and refocus on their professional and personal goals. If an organization is considering offering this type of service, it will need to cover the costs associated with these services, which are typically included in the severance package.

The costs of career transition services

Most providers offer this service with a pricing package that can vary depending on your organization's needs and those of the individual involved.

While some firms emphasize programs costing a few hundred dollars that rely on a digital approach, others offer customizable programs with fees that can range into the thousands of dollars.


Key elements to consider

When you are contemplating a career transition program, it is essential to consider all aspects. You should have a clear understanding of the included services and the associated fees. Specifically, you should examine the different inclusions offered in each program: Are individual 1:1 meetings provided? Will a coach be available? Will there be virtual meetings? What about tools and resources, and will there be emotional support? Clearly understanding the services included in a program will help you better justify the associated fees.

At the decision-making stage, it is crucial to meticulously compare the programs offered by different providers to ensure you select the one that best meets your organization's needs.


Here are some factors to consider:


Element to consider

To validate

The individual's needs

Consider the unique needs of each individual, including age, tenure, industry, and the specific circumstances of the termination.

The program's inclusions

Look for a program that provides personalized support, such as a dedicated career coach, as well as online resources and workshops on relevant topics.

The program's duration

Look for a program that offers a duration tailored to the individual's needs rather than an intensive "boot camp" style program.

The approch

Choose a service provider that places the individual at the center of its interventions, with personalized support and a genuine consideration for the individual's needs. 

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Our Career Transition and Outplacement Solutions


Related Costs

Employees leaving your organization are the primary beneficiaries of these programs, but some specialized firms also offer dedicated support to the organization. If your HR and management team needs additional guidance during the planning or execution stages of layoffs – such as coaching for informing employees on the day of termination or training for managers in anticipation of the announcement(s) – some providers can offer this support. The costs may be included in the program fees or may be charged separately.


Warning! Don't let cost be the sole criterion when choosing a career transition service

It's important not to be guided solely by cost when selecting a specialized firm for a career transition service. While it's true that some providers may offer services at competitive rates, it's crucial to consider the inclusions, approach, and level of support offered before making a decision. Quality professional expertise can sometimes be reflected in higher fees for a more comprehensive service.

To make an informed decision, it's recommended to discuss with your team and consider the relationship between price and the quality of service provided. Take into account the services included and the benefits offered by each provider to choose the one that best meets your organization's needs.


Service Quote: How to Find the Best Budget Solution

It can be challenging to determine the actual cost of a program without requesting a quote from different specialized firms. Most providers do not display their prices online or publicly list prices for this type of professional service (and those who do often aim to sell you a product rather than a service, without personalization or consideration for the specific needs of each individual involved). The needs of each client are unique and require specific, subject-to-interpretation information. It's best to contact the provider directly and request a personalized quote.

When approaching firms, organizations may be hesitant to disclose the budget allocated for career transition. However, it's important to share your budget with potential providers. These firms typically have a range of diverse programs that can accommodate your budget. Career transition service providers understand this constraint and can work with you to find a solution that fits within your budget. If the budget is not disclosed upfront, it's challenging for the firm to propose the appropriate programs.

In conclusion, cost should not be the sole determining factor when choosing a specialized career transition firm. Consider all factors and make sure to obtain a quote before making your decision. This way, you can ensure you are getting the best value for your organization and for the individuals who will benefit from it.

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